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GoGreen Cards solves the problem with NFC Card

NFC Cards Issued

Let’s GoGreen & save a Tree.

Digital visiting card is a great way to make a lasting impression on potential customers and business partners. 

They are a convenient and cost-effective way to share contact information and promote your business. Digital visiting card is easy to create and can be customized to fit your business’s needs. 

It can be shared quickly and easily via email, text, or social media, and can be printed out for physical distribution.

The most cost effective and customizable method to maintain your business card.

Save Environment! Save Tree! Be the change!

GoGreen Now.

Social Media

Display all your Social Profiles with links and share the same 

Digital Marketing

Share complete address & multiple location address with your clients.

Photo Gallery

You can upload product photos or any business related photos in your gallery section.

WhatsApp Store

You can create WhatsApp Mini store for your business and share with your client. 

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