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Understand on Hosting Servers

Hosting server acts as the storage device for your websites, where your website files & folders are stored.  Hosting server is a powerful computer which is constantly connected to internet, ensuring your website is accessible to your customers and visitors worldwide. 

Types of Hosting Servers and Packages

There are various types of hosting servers and packages available, each servers are suited to different website requirements and their build.

Shared Hosting 

This is budget friendly hosting server where your website shares server resources with other websites / other users. This type of hosting is ideal for personal websites or small businesses which has low traffic.

VPS – Virtual Private Server  

A VPS offer a dedicated portion of the a server’s resources, providing more control and scalability compared to shared hosting. Its suitable for growing websites that experience moderate traffic fluctuations.

Cloud Hosting

This utilizes a network of servers to host your website. Cloud hosting offers high scalability and reliability, making it perfect for websites with unpredictable traffic surges.

Dedicated Hosting

This provides you with an entire server for your exclusive use. It offers maximum control, security, and performance, ideal for high-traffic websites or applications with specific resource needs.

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